Movies and Other Discoveries After my Cochlear Implant

Before caption glasses came out I hardly went to movies because it was hard to understand the dialogue. I would rather wait till the movie came out on TV with the captions. Or I would only watch movies with a lot of action. Now It is great having the caption glasses and also enjoy hearing the dialog after my cochlear implant.

Going to ballgames during spring training to hear the sport announcer was always a challenge. Now I can hear the announcements!

At the Post Office. I now hear the music in the background. I asked the postmaster, “Did you always play music?” He said, “Yes.” The music was soft and he was surprised that I could hear it, even though I did not understand the lyrics however I’ve been told that even normal hearing people can’t always make out lyrics!

I went to pay for the stamps. I heard a beep when I used the debit card through the card reader. I asked, “Did that thing always made that beep?” The postmaster said, “Oh, I didn’t notice it. I guess I tune it out.”

At the gas station I was surprised to hear music on the overhead speakers. When I used the credit card, I could hear the beep again. Music and the beeps were both new sounds to me.

Now I am enjoying music in my car and on my iPhone. I am surprised I can understand some of the words to some of the songs!

While driving, I am surprised that I can hear “ding” when a rock or pebble hits the car.

I finally got around to listening to an audio book, and I enjoy reading and hearing “The Devil in White City” by Erik Larson, which is about The World Fair in Chicago. Very Interesting!

It is nice hearing the microwave “bing” when food is finished. When I made chicken in the oven, I was surprised I could hear the timer beep from six feet away.

More beeps. I went to visit a friend, Denise, a genealogist and librarian, and while we were talking I kept hearing beeps. I asked her, “What’s that sound?” She explained that when the books or CDs are being checked out, they get desensitized to deactivate their magnetic strip so that an alarm does not go off at front door. Books being returned get re-sensitized to activate their magnetic security strip again, and a beep happens as books are sensitized. I was really shocked that I could hear those beeps across the room, about 20 feet away. I was thinking WOW Cool! I never heard that sound before.

And by the way, it sure is a noisy world we live in.

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