Mother and daughter share hearing aid experiences with Gardner Audiology in Inverness, Florida

CB was brought into the Gardner Audiology Inverness office by her daughter to be part of a Field Study of new hearing aid technology. The daughter was wearing a Starkey brand hearing aids from Gardner and felt her mother could benefit. Following my exam and upon my recommendation CB decided to trial a pair of Starkey Ignite 20 hearing aids and was fit one week later. I programmed her hearing aids to automatically adjust to her listening environments

At follow-ups CB and the daughter indicated they were seeing significant improvement in every area of her life. Slight adjustments were made and a second memory for restaurants was added (the daughter indicated she had a second memory in her hearing aid and CB wanted to try). Counseling followed regarding when to use the second setting. Over her next two visits, CB indicated she was hearing very well.

At her final follow up today, CB paid for her trial aids and completed a post-fitting questionnaire. In almost every situation that we queried her on she indicated at least 40% improvement in hearing. CB is a “snow-bird” so we provided her with our toll free phone number and several provider names for up North should any problems occur. We wished her safe travels and would see her in the fall.

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