Took Her Six Months to Appreciate New Hearing Aids in Crystal River, Florida

LE has been coming to the Crystal River office of Gardner Audiology since 2008. She has a high frequency hearing loss that has worsened over the years. In August of 2013, she decided she was having enough frustration that she wanted to participate in the current field study and trial a set of Starkey X110 receiver in the canal hearing aids.

LE was fitted with the study aids and wore them for several weeks. She returned the hearing aids stating although she was hearing better, she did not feel the improvement justified the expense of purchasing the aids and she returned them.

In January, 6 months later, we received a phone call from LE, stating she wanted to purchase the hearing aids she had trialed. She realized that the improvement was far greater than she had initially thought and she missed hearing better. She has purchased the aids and is very happy!

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