Mask Safety with Hearing Aids

With the pandemic, we are still wearing our masks in medical offices. However, the masks become a nuisance because if we’re not careful in taking off the mask, the hearing aids that go behind the ear can be flung far. Here are some tips to keep your hearing aids safe: 

  •  If you’re in a store or an office that requires masks, do not take off your mask when you walk right outside of the establishment. Wait until you get to your car, and then take your mask off. If the hearing aid is flung from your ear, the hearing aid will at least be in your car and not in a parking lot.  
  • Try wearing a mask holder/extender/plastic s-hook. The extender will often hold the mask lower and will not loop around your ears. Then when you take off the mask, your hearing aids will be protected! 
  • Try using a cord/clip system to secure your hearing aids. Brands like Ear Gear or Otoclips hug the hearing aid and the clip can be secured to your shirt to prevent the hearing aids from getting lost. 
  • Another trick is to carefully and gently lift the ear loop over your ears to prevent the hearing aids from being pulled out. 

These are just some tips and there are many more creative ways how to save your hearing aids from being lost!  

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