Marion county, Florida Cochlear Baha hearing device repair center.

Is your Cochlear Baha hearing device not amplifying or weak?  Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon, Florida is a Cochlear Baha authorized repair center.  Dr. Angela Schenk, your Dunnellon Hearing Doctor, is here to help. 

Many times the problem is simple and can be resolved in office; meaning you will not have to be without your devices/s.   

If we are unable to repair your Cochlear Baha device in office we may need to send in to the manufacturer for repair.  If your device/s are under a Cochlear manufacturer warranty, Gardner Audiology will honor that warranty and send the device/s out for you as a courtesy.  Should your Cochlear Baha not be under manufacturer warranty, Gardner Audiology can still help!  Devices can be sent to Cochlear for repair and typically return with a one-year repair warranty.  If you have an older Cochlear Baha, our all-make repair lab can help and your device will return with either a 6 month or 12 month warranty (depending on age). 

In the event your Cochlear Baha device is lost or damaged beyond standard repair we can also be of assistance. Your new Cochlear Baha comes with manufacturer loss/damage coverage for at least the first year of ownership, possibly longer.  We will assist you navigating that process, even if you purchased your Cochlear Baha elsewhere. 

For. more information or to contact our office, please call our Dunnellon office at 352-448-1772 or reach out to us through our website 

See A Doctor Not A Salesman.  Dr. Angela Schenk is here to help you with all your Cochlear Baha needs in Dunnellon, Florida. 

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