Marion County Communication Tips for Hearing Aid users and their Family

Whether you use hearing aids, have a cochlear implant or you simply have mild, untreated hearing loss, learning new communication strategies is a great idea. Communication strategies can help to eliminate frustration or isolating effects of missing out on or misinterpreting conversations. These tips can help you make meaningful connections with others. Here are a few communication tips.

  1. Whenever possible, speak to someone with a hearing loss face to face, not with back turned.
  2. Get person’s attention first and wait for them to respond.
  3. Provide the person the topic of conversation first.
  4. Speak clearly and at a normal rate. Do not shout! People with hearing loss may take a little more time processing auditory information. Rapid speech is difficult for them to process.
  5. If the person with the hearing aid did not understand what you said, rephrase it, do not repeat it
  6. Do not speak to a person with hearing loss while chewing or covering your mouth.
  7. Never speak to a person with hearing loss from another room. Key: If you would like to talk, you must walk.
  8. Using hearing aids requires energy and concentration. A person may tire and then not seem to “hear as well”.
  9. Try to speak a sentence or two and then allow the person with the hearing aid to respond. Too much information at once may be difficult to process.
  10. Lastly hearing aids are an aid. They unfortunately will not restore hearing to normal; however, with these few tips and consistent use they will make life a little more loud and clear.

If you feel you have hearing loss or would like to get a baseline hearing test call us. To schedule your free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology in Dunnellon or to communicate with one of our insurance experts, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email

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