I Love These Starkey Wi 110 Hearing Aids

R.L. came in to the Inverness office during our recent open house. She had worn hearing aids for several years and has not been satisfied with the fit or sound quality. Her biggest concerns were hearing the television and the shows when they attend the theatre.

Screening of hearing that day indicated a severe high frequency hearing loss with good speech understanding scores in both ears.

Based on her above concerns we discussed the Starkey Wi 110 Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids because of the added features of a TV streamer and remote control. R.L was fit the following week. She wanted to see how she did with the TV before adding the streamer to her TV.

At her first follow-up appointment, one week later, R.L. stated “I hate to say it but I LOVE these hearing aids.” We then programmed the remote control to give her easier access to the volume control. R.L. was seen one week later and stated “I still love them and want to keep them; they are the best pair of hearing aids I have ever had.” We added a theatre/distance program and reviewed how to access with her remote control.

R.L. paid for her hearing aids today and was extremely happy when she left.


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