Get Looped and Hear Better in St. Petersburg Florida

If you wear a hearing aid look for this sign.

This emblem designates that a facility has a telecoil loop system which is very effective way for you to hear better with hearing aids if and only if your hearing aid has a little accessory called a telecoil. Telecoils are a tiny antenna that pick up transmitted signals from microphones, televisions, and other sound systems. Not all hearing aids have a telecoil. Most all of the hearing aids that we fit at Gardner Audiology have them.

When your hearing aids have a telecoil the conversation can be transmitted to them similar to the way that a broadcast is transmitted to a radio. It is a very effective way to overcome the poor acoustics in churches, theaters, and even in your own home.

Loop systems in churches are a wonderful tool that enables hearing aid users to comfortably hear and understand sermons and other activities. Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Crystal River has such a system. Our Patients love attending that church because of it.

Compact Loop systems are available for your home. Installation is simple with either a small transmitter next to your favorite chair or a small wire put in the attic may transmit the television to an entire room regardless of where you sit.
The following are a few facilities in Pinellas County, Florida that are looped: Bay Pines Veteran Hospital, Largo Cultural Center, Largo Public Library, Largo Community Center, Westminister Presbyterian Church, and Venue Theater in Pinellas Park.

People who seek hearing aids want them to help in background noise—in adverse listening environments with poor acoustics. Induction hearing loops do that, and they do it beautifully. If you have any questions about hearing aid telecoils or loop systems contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182.

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