How long do hearing aids last?

Typically, hearing aids are replaced about every 5 years. Though it is possible for them to last longer, there are various factors that may contribute to hearing aids being replaced sooner, depending on the individual.

Loss and damage: Hearing aids that are damaged beyond repair or lost will need to be replaced. If you need to file a loss and damage request, our Gardner Audiologists will help you file that claim with the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Cost of replacement varies depending on your warranty.

Insurance: Some individuals are eligible for new hearing aids every 1-3 years with certain insurance plans. Not sure if you are eligible for new hearing aids? Call Gardner Audiology and speak to one of our insurance specialists who will verify your eligibility to replace your current hearing aids.

Change in hearing: Recommendations for new hearing aids depend on many factors, including your hearing loss. If there has been a significant change in your hearing, your current hearing aids may no longer be your best option. A Gardner Audiologist will monitor your hearing annually and if changes are noted, we may recommend your hearing aids be replaced to an option more appropriate for your hearing loss.

Technology: With ongoing new developments to hearing aid technology, some individuals choose to replace their hearing aids sooner to take advantage of these improvements. Interested in trying new technology? Call Gardner Audiology for a hearing aid evaluation and free hearing aid trial.

No matter the reason for choosing to replace your hearing aids, a Gardner Audiologist will help you through the process and identify your options. Not ready to replace your hearing aids? We would be happy to assist you in maintaining your current hearing aids with scheduled hearing aid checks.

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