Livio AI hearing aids get fall detection, heart rate monitoring, voice assistant

Gardner Audiology is fitting and selling the revolutionary Starkey Livio AI. Below is a must read article.

The Livio AI hearing aid from Starkey Hearing Technologies has received an update that adds fall detection, heart rate measurement, a new assistant built on Google Assistant, and other new features. The abilities put Livio AI hearing aids nearly on par with smartwatches and activity trackers, bringing advanced features and functionality not available on competing hearing aid products.

Livio AI is, first and foremost, a hearing aid device. As we’ve previously explained, the inclusion of artificial intelligence has opened the door for functionality beyond what is available in traditional hearing aid products, including direct access to Amazon Alexa and activity tracking for use with Apple Health and Google Fit.

The most recent update revealed at CES 2019 has built upon that foundation, bringing a number of changes that put the hearing aids somewhere near the same abilities as a smartwatch or dedicated fitness tracking device. In addition to Alexa, tap control, and the ability to translate in 27 languages, Livio AI can now monitor the user’s heart rate, engage in voice-to-text translation, and both detect and issue alerts about falls. – Brittany A. Roston – Jan 8, 2019, 4:52 pm CST

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