Lights, Camera, Hearing!

Throughout the years, the sound quality of movies has changed. Movie theaters now boast about their top of the line surround sound speakers, delivering the loudest and clearest sound. What I often hear from people, however, is yes, the music is booming and the stomping feet and slamming doors are very clear. The voices? Not so much. All of those other sounds cover them right up! For people with a hearing impairment, this dilemma is amplified.

Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres are attempting to make watching movies more enjoyable for those with hearing impairments by offering caption devices you can use while at the theater!
The first option, Captionfish glasses, is used mainly at Regal Cinemas, but is also coming to AMC Theatres. You simply ask the doorman for the Captionfish glasses, wear the glasses during the movie, and voilà! Captions appear at the bottom of the glasses, making them appear like they are on the screen of the movie you are watching. This link provides you with the theaters and movies currently supporting Captionfish glasses and the movie times. How convenient!

The second option is offered by AMC Theatres. AMC Theatres offers a caption device that hooks on to the cup holder of your seat, allowing you to read your movie while you watch! AMC Theatres also offer assistive listening devices, which can help intensify and clarify the movie’s audio. For those who are visually impaired, AMC Theatres offer a “descriptive video headset” that provides narrated information about the movie’s settings, scenes, and actions. Use this link to visit the AMC Theatres’ website to learn more and find a movie near you!

With all of these options available, movies are becoming more accessible and enjoyable! Please, go out and try these devices and give us a call to let us know your thoughts!

Rachel Conter, B.S.
Communication Sciences & Disorders Degree
University of South Florida

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