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November 4th, 2014

In 2014 Gardner Audiology decided to study consumer opinion of Starkey’s new 3 Series hearing aid invention. We offered to loan the 3 Series models to Tampa Bay consumers for a comparison study. The opinions of over 300 participants surprised us.

The shape of this small over the ear aid was not an issue for the participants. We think that consumers made that decision based on how the hearing aids disappeared on their ears. The 3 Series is inconspicuous on the ear and the toggle switch on the aid and optional the optional wireless remote control were very easy to use.

Our patients hear so much better with 3 Series in a surprising way! Although their ability to hear in noise was measurably better than previous aids, they overwhelmingly noticed improved hearing in calm listening situations and group conversation. The unique way that this hearing aid amplifies sound is superior to other hearing aid technologies!

We will collect data from an additional 100 patients between now and the end of the year.

Gardner Audiology thanks the thousands of consumers who have participated in our hearing aid research over the past 5 years.

July 15th, 2014

I’ve worn most makes and models of hearing aid since my head injury in 1972 while serving in the U.S. Navy. This has given me the unique opportunity to wear and evaluate hearing aids before I recommend them to my patients. I am passionate about collecting consumer satisfaction questionnaires from the patients who wear the aids that I recommend.

Gardner Audiology supports all six of the major hearing aid manufacturers but our patients are fans of Starkey, America’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids. They appreciate Starkey’s water tight design, low maintenance, natural sound quality and discrete appearance. We have done 4 consumer research projects on Starkey’s past hearing aid technology.

It was just natural for me to see if the new Starkey Series 3 technology would be of value to my patients and the focus of another consumer research project. After wearing this hearing aid in the most difficult listening situations, the answer is yes! I want our patients to experience the superb ability of this aid to maintain speech understanding in noise and a crowd. I have never worn a hearing aid that sounded as good as the Series 3.

Like most Starkey behind the ear hearing aids, the Series 3 is 100% water resistant. That is a big benefit for our patients who live in the humid weather of Florida. There is a rocker switch on the aid that enables me to adjust volume and switch to multiple settings for unique situations such as the telephone and noisy restaurants. The I110 model that I wore was so intuitive and reactive to my listening environments that I did not to manually adjust the aid. My patients don’t notice that I am wearing it so two thumbs up to Starkey for invisibility. I love the Starkey Series 3.L It has now become my everyday hearing aid.

Gardner Audiology is beginning a 2014 Hearing Aid in Noise Study of the Starkey Series 3 hearing aids. In exchange for sharing their opinion on a pre and post fitting we will loan them the model of their choice. After 30 days they will return the hearing aids or buy them. It is their choice.

Stay tuned to our progress with the Series 3 in upcoming blogs on our website.


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