What I learned from Gardner Audiology

Introduction by Dan Gardner, CEO Gardner Audiology

My associates and I are awed by Audiology doctoral students who intern with us in our Tampa Bay offices. Amanda Peluso is one of our standout students. She been engaged with us on all levels of private practice audiology. She will be a stellar audiologist and most of all her future patients will be cared for by a doctor with deep compassion. Her gentle and caring demeanor will comfort their pain and disappointment with hearing loss.

Amanda’s Story (Amanda Peluso, USF Audiology doctoral student)

What do you want to be when you grow up? This timeless question is one that people of all ages struggle to answer. I certainly had no idea I would pursue a doctorate in Audiology when I graduated from college just four years ago. But in one inspiring moment, I knew my future would be dedicated to helping people hear.

I was enjoying a symphonic-choral concert when my attention shifted away from the performance and onto the sign language interpreter on stage. It is important to note that my love of music is deeply rooted; I began playing piano and flute at six years of age and in high school, led our marching band in countless football games, competitions, and national parades. Singing and musical theater continue to be favorite pastimes. Therefore, the moment I stopped listening to the performance and proceeded to watch the interpreter was truly compelling. For the first time, I considered how different my life would be if I had hearing difficulties. I discovered that when I grew up, I wanted to spread the joy of hearing.

A simple internet search led me to the rewarding field of Audiology. I now have the privilege of studying at the University of South Florida and completing clinical rotations in the greater Tampa Bay area.

It is truly an honor to be part of the Gardner Audiology team this semester. As a student intern, I feel valued and appreciate that mentorship is a priority. The clinicians and staff welcome feedback, and look to learn from patients to improve service and better meet their hearing needs. I look forward to sharing more about my specific experiences later on this semester, so pleased stay tuned! ☺

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