JR Returned for Better Hearing

JR and I met at the retirement residence where he and his wife live. I had gone there to offer hearing screenings and answer questions about hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids. JR came to me to have his hearing screened. He had wax in his ear and we decided to have his ears cleaned and then he would see me in my Crystal River office for a hearing screening. When the screening was performed, we found a hearing loss that required use of hearing aids. His wife, who also has hearing impairment, encouraged him to try hearing aids because he was struggling to understand conversation.

Gardner Audiology fitted JR with Starkey X110 RIC hearing aids in both ears. I called to check on him a couple of days later and he was overwhelmed with sounds that he was hearing. By the time he returned the next week, he was adapting nicely. On a follow up visit, he decided he would like to try less expensive hearing aids because he was concerned about the cost. I fitted him with less expensive Starkey Ignite 30 RIC hearing aids for one week. When he returned, he told me that the previously fitted X110 RICs were much more satisfactory.

JR returned the hearing aids the following week because he was concerned about spending his children’s inheritance. He stated he definitely heard better and saw benefit to the noise management in the Starkey X110 RICs. He said that he was impressed with my service and the service of our office staff.

One week later, JR called stating he regretted returning the hearing aids and he realized that he needed them. He returned and purchased the Starkey X110 RIC hearing aids.

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