Jodi Conter M.S., Gardner Audiology United Healthcare hearing aid benefit provider in Zephyrhills, East Pasco County, Florida

Gardner Audiologist Jodi Conter M.S., provides both in network and out of network services to UHC beneficiaries in East Pasco County, Florida. It can be confusing for both providers and subscribers to navigate the procedures required to obtain hearing aid benefits from their United Healthcare plan. There are so many UHC plans for both employees and retirees. Jodi does not want her patients to suffer unexpected denial of benefits so she and Gardner Audiology staff verify the type of coverage for each patient before they are fitted with hearing aids. She can provide this information over the phone and before your appointment. In general here are some trends we see in recommendations to Tampa Bay members for obtaining benefits:

  1. If you have UHC hearing aid coverage through your employer then you may have a truly valuable benefit that covers all or most of the cost of aids. First step is to confer with your company’s human resources department and then call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 with your insurance information.
  2. Some plans require that you get a prescription from your doctor after your audiologist does the hearing test.
  3. Some plans require a significant out of pocket copay or have a cap on the cost of aids.
  4. Retirees who have a Medicare Complete plan through UHC have access to cheap hearing aids that cannot be supported by most hearing healthcare professionals. Mail order hearing aids are illegal in Florida. If you elect to get a hearing aid directly from a UHC vendor you should insist that the hearing aid be fitted by a licensed Florida professional. Medicare does not cover hearing aids so be wary of any hearing aid benefits through Medicare supplements.

Jodi and Gardner staff have list of UHC plans and explanation of hearing benefits. All these plans are evolving and changing every year so again it is best to have them verify whether you do or do not have hearing aid benefits.

Call Jodi and Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182

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