iPhone compatible Starkey Halo 2 hearing aid review

Starkey Laboratories, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota offers a newer version of it’s iPhone compatible Halo hearing aid. The Halo2.

The Halo2 comes in a smaller version using a 312 battery. When used with the free “Trulink” app (available at the app store), your iPhone allows you to make changes to the hearing aids. Features include accessibility to volume control, with individual and binaural adjustment available by swiping the screen. Multiple memories are available for a variety of listening conditions and a “personalize” feature allows you to adjust and save settings for a specific location/environment of your choice. Examples of where this can be useful are locations you visit on a regular basis such as a restaurant, office setting; a specific location where you feel fine tuning is needed for optimal hearing.

A key feature of the halo 2 is streaming a phone call to both ears. This provides your brain with more to work with in hearing and understanding the conversation as well as placing emphasis on the phone call and not the surrounding ambient noise.

For Android phones, the Trulink app acts as a remote control to adjust volume and memories on the hearing aids.

The Halo2 is available at Gardner Audiology in several technology and price levels and is offered as part of our no obligation hearing aid field study. See our website (www.Gardneraudiology.com) or call Gardner Audiology at 1 800 277-1182.

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