Inverness, Florida resident finds tears of hope with Gardner Audiology hearing aids.

LM came into the Gardner Audiology Inverness office as part of a Field Study Research on hearing aids. She told me that she had little to no hearing in her right ear and wanted to know what could be done to help her better left ear. She and her husband stated that she struggled to hear in most situations. Upon testing it was noted that LM had a significant hearing loss in both ears, but as she suspected, worse in the right ear. During speech testing it was noted that when the volume was loud enough for her she had excellent understanding in that worse right ear. She was so astounded by this during testing she had tears of amazement. Following testing, we discussed the results and I let her know that we would likely be able to help both ears. Again tears of joy. She was referred to her doctor to obtain clearance for hearing aids and see if a cause of her hearing loss could be determined.

LM called back following an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat physician stating she was told her best option was a hearing aid at this time. LM was fit with the Starkey Aries because finances were a concern and she indicated she had a fairly quiet lifestyle.

At her initial follow-up she indicated she was doing very well. Subsequent follow-ups indicated the same.

Her final follow-up was today. She is keeping the hearing aids. she hugged me as she left; once again with tears in her eyes, thanking us that we were able to help her when she thought there was no hope.

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