Will Your Insurance Pay For Hearing Aids? by Gardner Audiology

By Gardner Audiology
Medicare and most other insurances will not pay for hearing aids. The staff at Gardner Audiology is knowledgeable about this topic and we are approved providers for many insurance companies that do cover hearing aids.
Some insurance companies are starting to offer discount hearing aid purchase programs but in our opinion these are not true benefits. The value of these discounts varies but at the end of the day you are paying someone out of your pocket. Gardner Audiology participates in a number of these discount programs such as AARP. Beware if your Medicare supplement insurance offers some type of hearing aid coverage because Medicare does not.
We find that true hearing aid benefits come from a supplemental insurance that is funded by an employer’s retirement program especially if it is coordinated by unions such as auto workers, teachers, and state employees.
Gardner Audiology offers an insurance verification program for our patients. We will contact your insurance and get all the details about what hearing aids your insurance will cover.
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