Inexpensive hearing aids from Gardner Audiology in St. Petersburg light up life.

I have collected consumer satisfaction data from over 3,500 Tampa Bay area hearing aid consumers. Most of these consumers have bought and are satisfied with the best hearing aid that they can afford. On average they choose hearing aids priced from $1300 and above.

Lately I have seen a number of patients in my St. Petersburg offices who cannot afford more than $500 for an aid and that is a stretch for them. I always find something in that price range that will improve their hearing. Demo and used hearing aids are also an option.

Patients do well with economy hearing aids if they have realistic expectations. Less expensive digital hearing aids may sound superb in quiet environments. However the quality of sound deteriorates in group conversations and in the presence of background noise.

In my opinion todays economical hearing aids are almost equivalent to the sound quality of the most expensive models sold 6 years ago. If hearing loss is dimming the quality of your life and you don’t think hearing aids are affordable then think again. Economical hearing aids may light up your life.

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