Inexpensive Hearing Aids From Gardner Audiology in Inverness Nail it!

SC was seen in our Inverness office to participate in a field study. She is very active and had recently noted she was not hearing well at church or at bridge. Finances were a concern and she decided the Starkey Ignite 20 receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids were within her price range. She was fit two weeks later.

At her first follow up SC stated she was extremely happy. She noted that she still had a little difficulty with one of the priests and also noted when the garbage truck went by it was very loud. Slight adjustments were made and she returned one week later. Today SC stated we nailed it! She was so happy. SC was able to hear the priest and could hear her partner when playing bridge. She did note that while the other noises from other players was a little loud; (shuffling and background chatter), she was not bothered and it was more important that she heard her partner. She also had a list of other sounds she was aware of since being fit with her hearing aids; like turn signal in her car, the volume on her TV went from 53 to 24 and not saying “huh” all the time and was grateful for all of them.

SC paid today as she felt there was no reason to continue weekly when she knew she wanted the hearing aids and was noticing such huge improvements in her life.

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