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Inexpensive Hearing Aids Available in Tampa Bay

Hearing Aids, especially for a first-time user, can be a large investment both personally and financially. However, there are options that don’t have to break the bank.  When searching for the right hearing aid, it is important to find the one that is right for your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and of course your budget! 

Here at Gardner Audiology, the process of finding the right hearing aid for you begins with an insurance check for any possible benefits towards hearing aids. Many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer discounts or even full coverage! For those that do not have insurance benefit, we have options starting as low as $490 per ear. 

Interested in learning more? Our Doctors of Audiology can walk you through your options and find the right hearing aid for you. Through our Field Study, you even have the option to try a new pair of hearing aids for two weeks before having to make a final decision.  To learn more or schedule and appointment, call our office at (800)277-1182 or email  

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Caity Rogers, B.A. Doctoral Extern

Caity Rogers, B.A. Doctoral Extern

Caity Rogers, B.A. Doctoral Extern

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