Who you see is more important than the hearing aid you buy in Zephyrhills, Tampa, and St. Petersburg

VD came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology with her son. She had recently tried hearing aids from a nationally known company that private labels Starkey hearing aids. While she liked the hearing aids, she was not satisfied with the person who fit them. Her son was upset after finding out they code the hearing aids so no one can adjust but them. They came to talk to me while waiting to return the hearing aids to that company.

After testing her hearing, I fit VD with Muse i2400 receiver in the canal hearing aids and verified the fitting using probe microphones in her ears with the hearing aids. The microphones allow me to see what the hearing aids are doing from the inside, and adjust them to better dial in voices. She commented that this had never been done before. She was very happy with how she was hearing me, and her son. Her son was reluctant because he wanted to order her refurbished hearing aids on the internet. VD insisted, saying she would not receive this type of service from the internet, nor did she want used hearing aids. She left with the hearing aids and when they returned one week later, both were thrilled. Her son commented she was understanding conversation better than she had in many years. Minor adjustments were made and several different domes were tried for comfort. We also decided to add a remote control because she has a very soft spoken friend that she still had difficulty understanding. When she returned, she said she was able to turn them up when she was with that friend and could understand her very well.

Personalized service is a very important part of being successful using hearing aids. No two people have the same needs, and no two ears have the same response with hearing aids. It is very important to verify what the hearing aids are doing in the ear and to listen to each patient to see what their needs truly are. Sometimes they do not even know until we start delving in! Counseling is an important part of the trial period with any hearing aid.

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