Will Hypnotherapy Relieve Your Tinnitus

I empathize with any patient who has tinnitus (noises in the ear) because I experience it and my very close friend and associate also suffers from tinnitus. I am somewhat comforted with the knowledge that mine was caused by a head trauma during my service in the Navy. Doctors cannot tell my associate and many of our patients what causes their tinnitus nor can hearing health professional predict the outcome of many treatments that propose to relieve the stress of tinnitus.

During my 35 year span as an audiologist, I have seen the hearing health industry develop many new products to help those who suffer from tinnitus. Many patients experiment with different treatments in order to find the best relief. We work with many devices that may help relieve the stress of tinnitus but none of them propose to eliminate tinnitus.

So I ask the question, “Will Hypnotherapy alleviate my tinnitus?”

Hypnotherapists and other professionals report success rates of 43% to 70%.

International Tinnitus Journal published a 2008 article named Clinical Hypnosis for the Alleviation of Tinnitus.

The author, Thomas E. Cope writes, “Though evidence demonstrates that hypnosis can be of benefit in the treatment of tinnitus in some individuals, how it compares to other forms of psychological therapy still is not clear, nor is what treatment approach produces the best outcomes. It is hoped that raising the profile of hypnotherapy for the treatment of tinnitus among the audiological community will stimulate a desire for research in this area.”

It appears to me that hypnotherapy is no better or no worse than any other option. I think that it is worth trying hypnotherapy as well as other treatments.

I share an office in St. Petersburg with a hypnotherapist who is very empathetic with those who suffer from tinnitus. Thom Smith’s tinnitus began after brain surgery. Thom shares his feelings about treating tinnitus with hypnotherapy in this video. Visit Thom at www.comforthypnosis.com

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