HyperSound Wowed my Audiologists from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Citrus and Pasco Counties

Tim Turner, regional sales representative, recently demoed Turtle Beach Corportation’s new HyperSound for the hearing industustry.

Turtle Beach Corporation is the owner of newly patented technology that carries audio information via subsonic sound waves from speakers. There are already commercial applications of this unique presentation at kiosks, waiting rooms, museums. When a customer walks into a small area of a room they, and only they, can clearly hear the superb audio. No one else in the room outside of this small circumference area can hear what they hear.

So you might say, how would that benefit the hearing impaired? Their new hearing health care platform can be custom programmed for normal hearing people or for people with hearing loss. For the hearing impaired the end result is an incredibly clear sounding TV dialog that is actually in my opinion a better quality than what they will hear with hearing aids or headphones.

After my demonstration from industry veteran Tim Turner, the regional sales representative, I asked three of my audiology associates and two doctoral students to experience this phenomenon. Afterwards we all joined Tim to share our impressions of the experience. Some of their comments included wow, surreal, three dimensional sensation, uncanny, immersive, and eerie in a good way.

This product definitely has potential both for people who have normal hearing and those who have hearing loss. In my opinion this product needs to be demonstrated first and then explained afterward because words could not explain what the listener hears. They have to hear it for themselves.

For more information about how you can experience HyperSound contact Tim Turner at

1-888-477-2150 or go to www.hypersoundhearing.com.

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