Hunters Hearing Protection at Gardner Audiology, Zephyrhills, FL

Hunting Season is coming up! As you prepare your equipment, it is crucial to have high-quality ear protection. At Gardner Audiology, we are an authorized provider of Sound Gear products powered by Starkey Technology. Here is the different type of hearing protections Sound Gear can protect you:   

  • Instant Fit   
  • Custom Fit (Shown in Picture)  
  • Behind-The-Ear Fit   
  • Custom Earplug   

Having unprotected exposure to sound generated from a firearm can result in a permanent hearing loss!  

If you are not sure which protection you need for hunting, contact our Gardner Audiology hearing Center in the Zephyrhills office Dr. Conter will answer all your questions..For more information, call 1-813-556-5257 or email at 

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