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Humana Medicare Hearing Provider in Inverness, FL

Do you or a loved one struggle to understand in conversation? At Gardner Audiology, our Doctors can work with you to help you hear better with hearing aids. One reason many patients hesitate before pursuing hearing aids is cost; they can be a big investment. Traditional Medicare does not provide hearing aid benefits, however, many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer discounted pricing and service plans to their members. 

One example is Humana Medicare Advantage. They work with Hear USA to provide discounted hearing aid pricing. Along with the hearing aids, they offer a full year of covered visits to your Audiologist! This means if you need an adjustment or even just a routine cleaning visit, there are no co-pays for the first year! Humana also provides members with a two-year battery supply. 

Not sure if you have a hearing aid benefit? Not to worry! Gardner Audiology insurance team in Inverness has the expertise to help you navigate your coverage compared to other Advantage plans.  Now through December 15, 2020 is Medicare “Open Enrollment”.  For more information call the Gardner Audiology insurance team at 1-800-277-1182 or email us: 

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