How To Revive a Weak or Dead Hearing Aid For $35 in Largo, Florida

One of the most common remarks we hear from our patients are “my hearing aids are dead” or “my hearing aids don’t sound as good anymore.” Moisture is one of the most common issues to cause hearing aids to work intermittently. If you live in a humid location, this is inevitable. Maybe you perspire a lot, accidentally jumped in the pool or walked in the shower with them. Instead of sending your hearing aids out for repair and being without them, there is now a new solution that we offer at our Largo office that could bring them back to life. If not removed the moisture in your hearing aids could also cause corrosion leading to an expensive repair charge. 
The Gardner Audiology clinic in Largo has invested in a Redux. This is an innovative and efficient hearing aid dryer that leaves hearing aids sounding their best through verified 100% moisture removal. Redux’s market research showed that “98% of hearing aids contain harmful moisture and that by using their dryer, 50% of hearing aids that were deemed ‘dead’ and 82% of hearing aids that were considered ‘weak’ were completely fixed.” After the cycle is finished, Redux will report how much moisture was removed. Removing just 0.5 uL of moisture can improve the performance of hearing aids by 73%.  
Another great benefit of Redux is that the Doctor’s support staff in our office can help you complete a drying cycle. If there is an emergency and you call our office letting us know that you only want Redux to be performed on your hearing aids, we can work you into our schedule rather than waiting for the next available appointment. The cost will be $35 and if we cannot revive your aid there will be no charge. 
If you are interested in servicing your hearing aids with Redux, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email We look forward to helping you! 

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