How to Repair and Revive Hearing Aids at Home

Have you been going along about your day and realized “My hearing aids don’t sound as clear as they normally do”. The number one cause of this is very simple and you can take care of it in the comfort of your own home!

Usually, when a hearing aid stops working it is just full of ear wax and debris. You can fix this in just a matter of minutes by removing the old wax guard and replacing it with a new one. Wax guards are little filters that protect the hearing aid’s speaker from the wax that comes out of your ear. Depending on the amount of wax and debris built up in the wax guard filter it can distort the sound from the hearing aid or block the sound all together.

To control wax and debris build up you can do daily maintenance on your hearing aids. When you take them off for the day before placing them in the charger or taking the battery out for the night these cleaning tips will help keep on top of your hearing aid care.

  • Wipe hearing aids down with a slightly damp cloth nightly. Do NOT wash with saturated cloth or under running water.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush along the body of the hearing aid
  • You can purchase alcohol free Audio-Wipes made special for hearing aids and other electronics in our office or online. We use the “Audiologist’s Choice” brand of audio wipes.
  • If you wear a RIC model squeeze the rubber tip that goes in your ear and wipe off any earwax that comes out of its opening.

How do you unclog the hearing aid? Each type of hearing aid has a different placement if the wax guard filters. We have How to Videos on our website for hearing aid maintenance at You can also schedule an appointment at one of 10 Gardner Audiology locations in Tampa Bay. We can show you how to change wax guards and clean hearing aids to keep them working in between your scheduled bi-yearly hearing aid service visits.

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