How to Prevent Expensive Hearing Aid Repairs

One of my patients had 3 hearing aid failures within the last two months and all could have been avoided if he had simply cleaned the small openings of the microphones and speakers of his hearing aids. Luckily my lab was able to clean the earwax from the speakers and we were able to prevent a costly repair and a very frustrated patient.

I showed him how to perform the proper maintenance at home His behind the ear hearing aids which had a receiver (speaker) in the canal are the most popular model of hearing aid.

The video that is attached to this posting shows how to maintain this type of hearing aid at home. Gardner Audiology can supply you or a family member with the tools needed to perform this important maintenance.

We will so additional how to videos on other models of hearing aid. Contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 if you need information on how to maintain your hearing aid model.

YouTube video

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