How to Help a Family Member with Hearing Loss?

2020 is almost over and we have made it to the Holiday Season!  This year has been a hard year for everyone, but masks have made it particularly challenging for people with hearing loss.  Many family members are asking how can they help their loved ones hearing better, especially during this time of year? 

The first question to ask is if they have had a hearing test and are they wearing hearing aids?  That is the first step to better hearing and they may need some encouragement to take the plunge!  If they are wearing hearing aids that are properly adjusted for them, below are some helpful tips to keep them included during the holidays: 

  • Get their attention before talking to them 
  • Speak to them face to face, not from the other room or with your back to them 
  • Speak slowly and clearly 
  • Try to limit having multiple people talking at the same time 
  • Limit other distractions, such as having the TV on or water running in the kitchen 
  • If they aren’t understanding, try rephrasing what you said, instead of repeating the same thing 
  • And most importantly, have patience! 

If you have a loved one who needs help hearing better, the Doctors at Gardner Audiology would be happy to help them!  Their Pinellas County offices located in South Pasadena and Palm Harbor, Florida are staffed with a Doctor of Audiology to assist patients in their hearing journey.  For more information, contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or 

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