How Lifestyle Determines Your Hearing Aid Choices

Hearing aids are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and technology levels.  Although the type and amount of hearing loss you have may influence some of your decision, your lifestyle also plays a big role! 

When choosing a hearing aid, you should talk about what your lifestyle looks like with your audiologist.  Where do you need to hear better?  Are you home the majority of the time?  Or are you socially active, going to restaurants, theaters, and parties?  Or maybe you live on the water and like to walk on the beach. 

These factors will influence which hearing aid may suit you best.  For example, for someone who lives on the water, a higher-level of technology in the hearing aid will have better performance for windy situations.  This can also be beneficial for avid golfers!  Higher-level technology also performs better in noisy environments, like restaurants or parties.  For someone who is mostly at home, and primarily communicates one-on-one, a lower-level of technology may be adequate to allow them to hear in those environments. 

The Doctors of Audiology at Gardner Audiology can review the different levels of technology and help you navigate which hearing aid may benefit your lifestyle the most.  To schedule an appointment, call 800-277-1182 or visit 

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