How Do Gardner Hearing Doctors Fit Patients with Hearing Aids Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic in Tampa Bay, Florida

When the coronavirus pandemic began in the spring of 2020, more and more people started to realized how much difficulty they have with hearing. The main culprit of this – masks! Not only do masks somewhat muffle the speaker’s speech, but they also prevent listeners from reading lips. You never know how much you rely on something until it’s gone! More and more patients have found they are in need of hearing aids, and the Doctors of Audiology at Gardner Audiology have been fitting patients with hearing aids throughout the pandemic at all 8 locations in Tampa Bay.  

One important measurement that the Doctors of Audiology include is called speech-mapping. This process involves a microphone placed in your ear with the hearing aids, measuring which speech sounds are being amplified appropriately, and which are not. In order to do this, the Doctor begins speaking, and can adjust the hearing aids based on the measurements recorded by the microphone. The Doctors have been completing this measurement while wearing masks, to ensure that higher pitches and consonant sounds are not muffled when the speaker is wearing a mask. Patients have noticed quite an improvement after this is performed! 

The Doctors of Audiology have been dedicated to their patients throughout the pandemic, and continue with the same enthusiasm as the world gets closer and closer to returning to “normal”. That being said, Gardner Audiology is currently accepting new patients at all 8 locations! If you are struggling to understand speech more recently, and are interested in discussing hearing aids, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or visit or to schedule an appointment.  

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