How Can I Save Money on Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay, Florida?

We get it, hearing aids are expensive! Depending on the level of technology you are interested in, you may be looking at a range of prices anywhere from $1000-$8000 for a pair of hearing aids. There are, however, affordable ways of going about getting hearing aids other than using a family member’s old set! 

Nowadays, many insurance plans are offering some sort of hearing aid coverage – whether it be discounted pricing or a funded benefit. These plans are contracting their hearing aid benefits through a thirdparty company to be able to do this. The tricky part is, that you’ll want to find a provider who accepts your insurance and will work with the third-party company. Luckily, at Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay, Florida, we work with all of the third-party companies, and accept nearly all insurance plans!  

But what should you do if you don’t have any sort of hearing aid benefit included with your insurance plan? Well, a lot of audiology practices are moving to an “unbundled”, or pay-as-you-go, service model. Traditionally, all visits and appointments you may need were included in the initial price of the hearing aid – meaning, through the life of the warranty, you would pay nothing when you saw your audiologist. To help hearing aids become more affordable to patients, many practices are just charging you for the hearing aids, and a set number of visits when you first get your hearing aids. After that, you would pay a small office charge when you come in. Of course, if you’d like to pay for everything up front, that is still an option! Although, for most people it is not necessary. Gardner Audiology is now using this pay-as-you-go service model to help patients keep costs lower! 

Hearing aids can be more affordable than many people think. If you would like to discuss your hearing aid options and pricing. Gardner Audiology has 8 locations throughout Tampa Bay.  Contact them at 1-800-277-1182, or email to schedule an appointment.  

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