Hernando County Onsite Hearing Aid Repairs

A hearing aid that is not working properly can be very frustrating. At Gardner Audiology’s Spring Hill office, we are often able to get your hearing aids working again while you wait in our office. One of the most common causes of a dead hearing aid is ear wax. Most hearing aids include a small filter that is designed to capture ear wax to prevent it from going into the working parts of your hearing aid. If that filter gets plugged, your hearing aid will stop working. We are able to replace that in office. If wax got through the filter, we can suction it out while you wait. We are also able to replace the receiver cables in office if changing the filter does not revive it.  

Sometimes moisture is the culprit when your hearing aid will not work. Let’s face it, we live in a swamp, here in Florida! We get caught in downpours, we sweat, we forget our hearing aids and jump in the pool or get into the shower! Very few hearing aids are waterproof. We do have a solution to moisture in our Spring Hill office. Ask about our Redux services! The Redux is a complete moisture removal system that if done routinely, can help extend the life of your hearing aids (rechargeable or battery).  It works in minutes and even tells us how much moisture was removed from your hearing aids. Removing only 0.5 microliters of moisture can result in a 73% improvement in performance! 

If none of our in-office options revive your hearing aid, we can send it out for repair. If your hearing aid is still under warranty with the manufacturer, we will send it out to them. If your aids are out of warranty, we work with one of the largest all-make repair labs in the country and they will repair your hearing aid, regardless of the age! 

We are happy to assist you in navigating the repair process regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids. For more information or to schedule a service appointment in Spring Hill, call our office at 352-556-5257 or mail info@gardneraudiology.com. 

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