Her Grandchildren Mumbled Until She Tried Hearing Aids

A.W. consulted me at the Gardner Audiology Crystal River office for a hearing problem. She told me that she misunderstood her grandchildren’s conversation and words were unclear to her in noisy listening situations.

After a comprehensive hearing evaluation I fitted her for a trial with a pair of Unitron, wireless Moxi Kiss hearing aids. She was given a uConnect remote controller to adjust the volume and a wireless transmitter for her television.

She reported back after using for a few days that she had been to the grocery store and heard the cashier very well. Background noise was not a problem.

Her next visit came after a trip to spend a few days with her grandchildren. The new hearing aids improved her ability understand her grandchildren and overall she did very well. A.W. is very pleased with her Unitron hearing aids and has not even used the TV streamer, as she hears the TV very well with just the hearing aids.

She rates the Unitron Moxi hearing aids as… Two Thumbs Up….for improving the quality of her life.

Young grandchildren often are very difficult to hear clearly because their voices are faint and high pitched. This problem is compounded by any kind of hearing impairment.

Unlike A.W., some Gardner Audiology patients experience significant benefits in TV listening from a wireless device that transmits to their hearing aids. The sound quality of television is unpredictable so you will never know until you actually try hearing aids.

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