Hears Better in Noise with Upgraded Hearing Aids from Gardner

CB has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology. She had been wearing a set of mid-level hearing aids for several years. Overall, she had been pleased with the hearing aids and had even referred others to our office.

At her last regular checkup, she mentioned that she has been having much more difficulty understanding in noisy settings. She is very active with family and friends and loves to travel. I offered to let her compare a set of upper level Starkey X110 receiver in the canal hearing aids to see if we could improve her communication ability in challenging situations.

At the first follow up CB was thrilled with how much better she understood conversation. After a couple of more visits she purchased the hearing aids. She reported greatly improved understanding in noise, more automatic adjustments to compensate for changes in listening environments, better ability to understand people not looking directly at her, and overall improved clarity of speech.

CB was very grateful to be able to trial the new hearing aids and see for herself how much better she could hear!

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