Is My Hearing Normal for My Age?

During your initial appointment at Gardner Audiology, your audiologist will cover lots of information.  We start with an in-depth case history regarding your hearing and your overall health.  We then assess your hearing, and review your results.  At this point, we are commonly asked, “Is my hearing normal for my age?” 

When it comes to hearing, age does not factor into whether you have hearing loss or if your hearing is within normal limits.  Once you cross that threshold into hearing loss, it means there are sounds you are no longer hearing as well, or possibly at all.  It does not matter if you are 5 or 85 years old, the loss is still present.   

There are many factors other than age that influence your hearing, including any history of exposure to loud noise (such as a job in a factory, hunting, military, or even loud concerts!).  Certain medical conditions can predispose you to hearing loss, and also some medications can negatively impact your hearing. 

It is always best to have your hearing checked by a Doctor of Audiology to determine how you are hearing and receive any recommendations.  At Gardner Audiology, we have two convenient locations in Pinellas County, Florida (Palm Harbor and South Pasadena), to help you with your hearing needs!  For more information, contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or for more information. 

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