Does hearing loss pick on Gardner Audiology women patients in St. Petersburg, Florida?

I recently read this on the Better Hearing Institute website:

“Hearing loss, especially when left unaddressed, can hit a woman hard. In fact, research shows that women with hearing loss are more likely to experience depression than men with hearing loss.

What’s more, we now know that hearing loss is linked to a number of other important women’s health issues, like heart disease and diabetes.”

I personally don’t’ think that gender plays a significant role in the impact of hearing loss on the quality of my St. Petersburg patients’ lives. It is an individual problem that is no less or more stressful to either sex.

Many men are emotionally and mentally devastated by hearing loss. Hearing loss gives women no less or more anguish. Hearing loss is asexual. That is my opinion after 35 years of audiology practice.

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