Hearing Loss is Not a Game

Picture this. You are at game night with friends and family. The game you are playing involves wearing speech canceling headphones. The game’s object is to read the other players’ lips and understand what they are saying. Sounds like a fun night full of laughs, right?

Now picture this. You have a severe hearing loss that you may or may not know about or have admitted to yourself. You are at dinner with your friends and family and trying to listen to the many conversations going on around you. No one is facing your direction, and you cannot see their lips to read. The sounds of the restaurant are loud and distracting and add to the strain of trying to keep up with your group’s topic of discussion. Not such a fun sounding time huh? It can be a very lonely feeling even when you are surrounded by people.

One last picture. You finally decided something is amiss. You make an appointment to see your Audiologist, have the proper diagnostic testing completed, and find out you have hearing loss. You order your first set of hearing aids. Your Audiologist fits and programs your hearing aids to your specific prescription of hearing loss. In the office you notice the sounds you have been missing for years come back to you in an instant. The air coming through the vent, the rustling of the papers, someone’s footsteps in the office. You are overwhelmed with emotions and joy because you can understand the conversations around you. You no longer have to feel alone or isolated when you are among people. You can be part of the conversations around you.

At Gardner Audiology we do what we do to help people know that they are not alone. We are here to help our patients regain confidence and help them communicate with their friends and family again. We offer not only programming at your fit, but continuous follow up care. We pride ourselves in knowing we are not salesmen. We want patients to know this is a long-term relationship and we are here for their hearing needs.

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