Hearing Loss and Dementia

There have been numerous articles on the correlation between hearing loss and dementia. Over the past 35 years I have personally seen many patients who initially presented a confused demeanor until they are fitted with hearing aids. Better hearing seems to brighten their alertness and confidence. Below is information from The Hearing Review magazine.

A study by investigators from Johns Hopkins University and the National Institute on Aging suggests that hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of developing dementia. Six hundred and thirty nine individuals were followed for the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. At follow-up, 11.9 years after study participants’ hearing was first tested, 58 cases of dementia were diagnosed, 37 of which were Alzheimer’s disease. Further analysis of the data showed that as the extent of hearing loss increased so did the risk of developing dementia.

Early detection, diagnosis of hearing loss and intervention are critical because they provide the best opportunities for treatment, support, and planning for the future.

Talk to your doctor about a hearing screening or consult a hearing health professional if you are having difficulty comprehending conversation or strain to understand speech especially in a crowd.

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