Hearing Health Professionals Must Listen in Order to Understand Your Hearing Problems

N.M. was seen for a hearing aid consultation following an evaluation by her Ear, Nose and Throat physician. She has hearing loss in both ears, but finances are a concern. We discussed all her options and she decided to the try the Starkey Aries hearing aid for her left ear. N.M. is primarily at home by herself, but does play the piano for her church and wanted to be able to hear the pastor and her music a little better.

N.M. was fit one week later. Her initial reaction was speech was a little muffled so adjustments were made and we followed up one week later. At this appointment she came in smiling stating she was able to hear how loudly she was playing and the pastor at church. She was much happier and felt she had made the best choice for her. She paid the following week.

N.M. made a note of telling me that she was very happy with our services. She felt we really listened to and appreciated that we took the time to understand her concerns, and then to address them.

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