Hearing Doctors vs Big Box Aid Stores.

“I appreciated the choice of going to a smaller hearing aid.  I never wore my old ones because they were big and never fit right.  I wear these all the time until I go to bed.  Even my husband is nicer because he doesn’t have to repeat himself a million times!  I always feel like I can call Dr. Conter if I need adjustments.  I never felt that welcomed at the big box store.  We are very satisfied with the services at Gardner Audiology”   –  Sally Steyer – Spring Hill office

If you’re shopping for hearing aids the big box stores might not offer the best value for several reasons.

The first reason is that big box hearing aid chains lock your hearing aids so no one but the store chain can make adjustments or reprogram with a new prescription. This prevents second opinions or the ability to change providers.

The second reason is that hearing aids are only as good as the person who prescribes and fits them. Big box chains do not provide the services of a Hearing Doctor (Au,D. Audiologists). Remember who you see is more important than the brand of hearing aid you buy.

Dee a doctor, not a salesman

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