Are My Hearing Aids Waterproof?

Living in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida, a common question we receive from our patients is “Are My Hearing Aids Waterproof?”  At Gardner Audiology, we are fortunate to have active patients who enjoy cycling, going to the beach, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities! 

Currently, there are no waterproof hearing aids advertised on the market, however many are extremely moisture resistant. Current rechargeable technology, featuring a completely enclosed design rather than a battery door that opens, has further improved resistance to water and humidity.  

Starkey Livio hearing aids have an IP58 rating, meaning they are protected to prevent entrance of dust and debris, and have a hermetic seal that prevents moisture from entering the hearing aids.  We have found Starkey hearing aids to be extremely moisture resistant, and have done several in house tests to ensure the accuracy!  We do not recommend submerging them in water, but if you are caught in a Florida rainstorm or are outside in the humidity, rest assured these hearing aids are designed for that! 

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