Hearing Aids Recover Lover’s Voice in Inverness, Florida

D.A. and her husband, of 60+ years, came into the Inverness office as part of a field study. Both could benefit from hearing aids; however, they decided she had the greater need at the time. She has been having difficulty hearing her husband, who had recently had a stroke and was very soft spoken.

D.A. was fit with Starkey X70 Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aids two weeks later. Unfortunately, husband was not able to attend this appointment, so we programmed the hearing aids and verified with Live Speech Mapping to my voice.

At her follow-up, her husband was able to attend and they both stated that she was still having some difficulty hearing him. We increased gain for soft sounds and in office and she felt she was hearing him better. At her next appointment they both agreed she was doing much better. They paid for the hearing aids at this point. She stated she was so happy to hear the voice of her love again.

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