How much do hearing aids cost?

Cost tends to be one of the main concerns of those who are considering purchasing hearing aids. While hearing aids can certainly be expensive, patients are sometimes surprised by the options available in a wide price range.  

To answer the question: hearing aids can cost anywhere from $0 to around $6,000 for a set 

Hearing Aid pricing depends on many factors including… 

Your Insurance  

Many people are surprised to learn that they have hearing aid benefits including monetary benefits or discount plans. Some insurances even have $0 out of pocket options available. Even if you think you do not have hearing aid benefits, it is always helpful to have one of our insurance specialists verify your insurance just to be sure!  

Service Plans  

Most service plans are structured in what some call “bundled” or “unbundled” services.  

Bundled: typically means a higher up-front cost, with unlimited services for a set amount of time.  

Unbundled: lower up-front cost, with a set number of appointments included and then patients pay per appointment.  

For patients who do not require a lot of follow-up, unbundled plans can help save money.  

Technology level 

This is one of the biggest factors that affects the price of hearing aids. Talk to an Audiologist about what technology level is right for your lifestyle.   

At Gardner Audiology, giving you a wide range of options is really important to us! We are here to help you find something that fits your hearing, lifestyle and budget.  

Call us at 1-800-277-1182 to make an appointment. We are excited to meet you!  

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