New Hearing Aids for the Birds Bring Smiles

FO came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology to see if he could participate in our current field study of new Starkey hearing aid technology. He and his wife are avid birders and he has not been hearing the songs of many birds. This hobby is a very important part of their lives and he is frustrated. Hearing screening shows hearing within normal limits for low pitched bass sounds and significant hearing loss for high pitched sounds which would explain why he could not hear the bird sounds.

Most people with this type of loss are not even accepting of the loss. At this point it is very easy to pass blame on the people around you, that they are mumbling. Often patients will report this loss is an inconvenience, but not a frustration. Because FO has been frustrated, we opted to trial a set of Starkey X70 receiver in the canal hearing aids.

One week post fit follow reveals a patient with all smiles!! He is hearing a significant difference and can hear the birds again! He also understands his wife and the TV better. Overall, two thumbs up!

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