Hearing Aid Upgrade after Dog Chew

Mister D’s dog chewed one of his hearing aids and he decided to try new technology, hoping to improve hearing in challenging listening situations.

He is very pleased today, one week post fit of his new Starkey X110 16 channel hearing aids. He previously wore Starkey S Series 5 mini BTE hearing aids (6 channel amplifier).

He was very excited to have been in some restaurant situations where he saw much improved speech understanding. He did not expect such a dramatic difference in hearing in noise.

He also was impressed with how much better these aids handle noise in the car. He is not overwhelmed by road noise and is able to understand passengers and also turn the radio volume down.

He still has the same dog, so I will recommend that he obtain extended loss and damage protection when he purchases these aids.
Patient overall impression: TWO THUMBS UP!

Mr. D’s original 6 channel hearing aids sounded good in quiet environments, but Starkey’s 16 channel X110 models with Voice IQ delivered much better noise filtering. This is why he experienced improved speech understanding in noisy situations with this new aid technology.

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