Hearing Aid Trials in Palm Harbor, Florida

An important part of new hearing aids is the trial period.  This is the time that allows you to evaluate if a certain hearing aid model or manufacturer is the best fit for you.  Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida offers extended trial periods for just that reason!   

The Gardner doctor you see will evaluate your hearing and provide recommendations based on your results.  They will review hearing aid manufacturers, different levels of technology, and potential costs.  During your trial period, the Audiologist sees you for follow up visits to make adjustments and ensure the hearing aids are meeting your expectations.  If not, that is when we see if a different option may be better for you.  Sometimes a patient isn’t quite ready for hearing aids and decides to return, and that’s okay too! 

Ready to set up your evaluation? Contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or info@gardneraudiology.com 

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