New Hearing Aid Technology Exercises Brain for Gardner Audiology Patient in Zephyrhills, Florida

MD has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology since 2008. He has been wearing a set of 6 year old behind the ear hearing aids, which were top level technology at the time he was fitted with them. He came in for a routine checkup and his wife mentioned that he has been having a great deal of difficulty understanding conversation. He has been diagnosed with dementia, and she had heard that hearing loss and dementia are linked. We discussed trial with new technology hearing aids and both were very interested.

I fitted MD with Starkey Wi110 receiver in the canal hearing aids with domes. He had previously worn behind the ear hearing aids with custom ear molds. He immediately commented on how much lighter and more comfortable the new aids were. He also said everything was noticeably clearer, just sitting in my office!

MD and his wife returned to my office a week later and paid for the hearing aids. His wife commented on all of the listening situations where there was marked improvement in understanding. She is excited for him to participate more socially to challenge his memory. Both left my office with huge smiles on their faces, one week after being fitted with new technology!!

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