All make hearing aid repair service by Gardner Audiology in South Pasadena and St. Petersburg, Florida

There are many reasons that your hearing aid may need a repair. Common reasons vary, depending on the style of hearing aid you use. Gardner Audiology repairs all makes and models of hearing aids.

Some repairs can be completed instantly, in our office. For instance, if wax is plugging the filter protecting the speaker of your hearing aid, we can replace the filter on the spot and show you how to do this yourself, for future reference. Sometimes debris can plug the microphone ports of the aid and brushing these with a dry toothbrush can clear the openings. Behind the ear hearing aids having tubing leading to the ear that can harden, crimp, or crack. Replacement is required and can be completed on the spot. Receiver in the canal hearing aids can have a bad receiver that can typically be replaced in the office.

Sometimes more serious problems arise that require sending the hearing aid out to the manufacturer or to an all make repair lab. When the hearing aid is not under warranty, this is a more costly repair than one that can be completed in office. However, the hearing aid will return in good working order and with a repair warranty, usually 6 or 12 months. If you were hearing well with your hearing aid before it stopped working, this is typically a good, cost effective option, certainly less expensive than replacing the aid with a new one.

If you have been told that your aid cannot be repaired or is too old to be repaired, please see us at Gardner Audiology for a second opinion. Often people are told that just to try to push them into new hearing aids. If you are happy with your current hearing aid it can usually be repaired. Call us in St. Petersburg and South Pasadena at 1-800-277-1182

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